Stage 4 Penguin

1. 3 shapes flotation. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of three) whilst floating on the surface and demonstrate an understanding of floating. Star float front/back, mushroom, pencil, superman etc.

2. P&G to the floor (deep water). Push and glide from the wall towards the pool floor to pick up sinkers from the deep water or hoop submerged in water can be used.

3. Pick up sinker with 2 hands. Submerge in shallow water and retrieve an object from the pool bottom using both hands (after push and glide towards the floor).

4. Kick 10m Backstroke superman. Kick 10 metres Backstroke in Superman position (one arm extended, little finger towards the floor, another arm down).

5. Kick 10m Frontcrawl Superman. Kick 10 metres Frontcrawl in Superman position (one arm extended, another arm down, roll to the side to take an air. Head in a correct position). You can encourage roll by kicking on the side with face out of the water all the time.

6. Kick 10m Butterfly. Kick 10 metres Butterfly on the front, back or side.

7. Kick 10m Breastroke. Kick 10 metres Breaststroke on the front (one item of equipment optional).

8. Headfirst sculling 5m Back and Front. Perform a headfirst sculling action for 5 metres in a flat position. Can be performed with no equipment, with pool buoy or with slight kicking if legs are sinking.

9. Log roll 360 a few times. Travel on back and log roll in one continuous movement onto front and then roll onto back again.

10. Frontcrawl legs + Breastroke arms to breath 5-10m. Intro into Breastroke arms action. P&G with Frontcrawl kicking and take a breath to the front using Breastroke arm pull.

11. P&G + Swim 20m. Push and glide and swim 20 metres, choice of stroke is optional. No touching the wall if the pool is small.

12. Tread water for 20 sec. Tread water for 20 seconds using arms and legs

13. Surface dive. Pike dive to pick up the object. Bend the waist until the upper body points straight down into the water. Quickly lift the legs up until entire body is submerged. The weight of the legs will push the body below the surface. Ensure that kicking starts ONLY after feet enter the water.

14. 10m Frontcrawl breathing to the side. Be able to perform free style catch up while breathing to the side. This can include breathing every stroke with long kick, breathing every 2-3 strokes. Ensure that swimmer is learning bilateral breathing.

15. 6 kick switch drill on the back for 10m. Be able to perform 6 kicks + 1 switch stroke on the back, ensuring that lift of the bottom arm occurs slightly earlier than catch on the top arm.

16. Rolly Polly forward roll. Summersault, (equipment optional).