We have 4 main age groups: Babies and Adults 1 aged from 3month to 18 months old. Babies and Adults 2 aged 18-36 month Babies and Adults/pre-school from 3y-5y Children 4.5/5- 7years Juniors 7y-12 years Teenagers 12-16 years Adults/Masters (16 years old and over).
Our swim school follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. You can find our more about the details of the programme and of stages here. After you achieve all stages we offering a wide range of aquatic directions such as FinSwimming, Triathlon and Open Water sessions. Working in co operation with a few Swimming Clubs to direct our swimmers to them after our swimming school.
Beginners - non swimmers learning to swim up to 25m . Improvers - who can swim between 25m and 1 mile. Still working on a stroke improvement. Advanced - who can swim over 1 mile and working on developing their techniques, speed, distance, fitness swimming or race preparation). Masters – are the same as advanced swimmers, confident and competent lane swimmers.
Unfortunately, we don’t have an opportunity to run any women only or man only sessions. But we do have male and female instructor to run the lessons.
1-2-1 Private session one-to-one with the instructor. 2-2-1 Semi-Private session, when two swimmers/students with one instructor. Small Groups for Adult beginners is MAX x4 swimmers. Small Groups for children with MAX of 6 in a group. FitSwim (Fitness Swimming) Class- Max 12 for one coach split in 2 separate lanes.It is a session for adults/masters of intermediate and advanced swimmers who can swim non-stop over a hundred meters and coming to improve their swimming techniques, speed, distance or race preparation.
It all depends on a venue and a shape of the pool side. For the first few lessons we asking parent to be near the shallow end with their children. After the children get used of the new place and a new instructor, we asking parents to seat on a pool side, but as far from the lesson as possible. That helps children to focus on a lesson and their instructor other than looking at the parents or showing them something. During the Toddlers/Babies classes one of the parents/guardians should be in the water with the child at all times. If you got 2 kids, then it should be both parents in the water. Parents of children under 8 are required to stay on the poolside for the duration of the lesson. Parents of children aged 8 to 10 can leave the poolside during the lessons as long as they ensure they bring the child to the teacher on poolside at the beginning of the lesson and collect them from the teacher on poolside at the end of the lesson. Children aged 11 and over can come to the pool on their own as long as the parent decides it is safe to do so.
No. From 3 year we can run private 1-2-1 sessions and instructor is being in the water.
If you have a young or nervous swimmer please aware your instructor and #team3s would be happy to advice you on further steps. Try to spend more time with them in a pool, spending only FUN time to enjoy the time being in a water and we will do the rest to learn them how to swim.
Please make sure that when booking, you give all of the relevant information e.g. age of student if a child, swimming level of student if known and your postcode or the name of our nearest to you venue. The easiest way is to book your lessons by emailing us: [email protected] or text 07525328582
Certificates and badges are given out at the end of each term. If your child has moved up a stage after the initial assessments at the beginning of the term, they will move up immediately. If they have passed their stage at the end of the term, they will be moved into the new stage at the beginning of the following term.
We are very strict with our certification, and get the certificate, child should get all the required boxes ticked for that stage. Even if one of the boxes is not ticked, we can’t provide you with the next stage certificate. We are not giving certificates only for the time being with us, but for the learnt skills. The full description of the certificates and requirements, you can find on our Swim Framework section.
Our terms and conditions can be found on the back of our printed booking forms, or on our website www.3sswim.co.uk. You can also access it directly from the following link: Terms and Conditions
In some books and/or web sites you can find a number of around 20 sessions to learn how to swim for adults. But we are NOT giving any numbers as we don't know how confident you are at the moment (as it might take for some people a few hours only to get a water confidence and get in a pool ). It depends on a lot of factors, is you will be practicing in between the lessons by yourself, how quickly you learning what instructor is asking you, your your general fitness etc. The best way is to have a few classes and then we will see and can agree for the amount of classes.