Safeguarding Policy

3S Swim School

Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy

Our commitment to Child Safeguarding and Protection

  • 3S Swim School acknowledges its ‘Duty of Care’ towards all its members and is committed to providing swimming lessons in a safe and secure environment. We aim to meet the highest ethical and legal standards to deliver our principles, which put child safeguarding, welfare and wellbeing at the heart of our swimming school.

Our procedures to ensure our Safeguarding commitment

  • Persons working with 3S Swim School have been carefully checked, have relevant ASA and/or STA teaching qualifications and demonstrate a high level of competence for the role they undertake. Teachers show a commitment to ongoing training to ensure safe, correct and current practices are maintained. All those working with us uphold the highest personal conduct and standards.
  • Persons working with 3S Swim School have current DBS clearance to work with children.
  • Persons working with 3S Swim School adhere to Swim England Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, and employ best working practices at all times.
  • Persons working with 3S Swim School are encouraged to attend child protection workshops, and in doing so recognise both their responsibility to develop awareness of the issues that might cause children harm, and to help recognise and/or pre-empt possible abuse.
  • 3S Swim School encourages openness and the sharing of information around any concerns to do with a child’s welfare, amongst all it’s members.
  • 3S Swim School has appropriate procedures in place to deal with all identified child safeguarding and welfare issues, for which all those working with us are familiar.
  • 3S Swim School will endeavour to assure correct and appropriate procedures for use of the changing rooms, and encourage immediate reporting of any concerns of misuse.
  • For more information about child safeguarding and how we can all keep children safe, all those working with us are directed to Swim England’s safeguarding document: Wavepower 2020-2023. Visit:

What you can do if you have any concerns

  • If you or your child have any concerns regarding the welfare of a swimmer or another young or vulnerable person, please contact 3S Swim School designated Welfare Officer:

Name:            Slava Feniov

Mob:               07525328582

Email:            [email protected]

Any incidents or complaints will be taken seriously and in confidence. Thereafter 3S Swim School will follow the guidance and procedures stated in Swim England’s safeguarding document – Wavepower 2020-2023.

  • Or you can contact SWIMLINE in confidence on 0808 100 4001

If you would rather talk to someone outside the school, Swim England in association with NSPCC runs a confidential free helpline. This is the helpline for anyone involved in swimming, adults or children, who believe that the welfare of someone under the age of 18 is at risk.

  • Or you can contact NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000

Equality and Diversity

  • All teachers and other staff members working with 3S Swim School recognise that all learners participating in activities regardless of their age, gender, race, faith, sexual orientation and ability have the right to enjoy their involvement in sports in a safe environment and be protected from harm.

Review of Safeguarding Policy

  • This policy is subject to regular reviews to ensure compliance with accepted best practices and current legislation.

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