Terms and Conditions 3S Swim School

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By joining us and/or making a payment for lessons, you agree to abide by all Terms and Conditions of 3S SWIM SCHOOL and, if applicable, to discuss with your child/children joining our lessons the rules that apply to them.

You may wish to print a copy of this document and keep it for your reference.

All Swimmers and Visitors

• Remove or cover your shoes as soon as you enter the pool building.

• Adults and children 8 years or older (exclusions apply to those children who have special needs requiring their parent to help them change), you must use your own gender changing room. Please let us know immediately if you see this rule not being followed by anyone.

• No food, fizzy drinks, sweets or chewing gum allowed anywhere in the pool building. Water may be consumed in plastic or sports bottles only. Strictly no glass bottles allowed on poolside or anywhere in the pool building.

• No running in the pool building, and particularly on poolside where it can be slippery and dangerous.


• Parking at venues is limited and can sometimes be difficult. Please respect our neighbours and only park in designated bays or as advised by our staff.

• Please cover or remove shoes as you enter pool buildings and before entering the changing rooms / areas.

• Please collect your swimmer at the agreed meeting point.

• All parents/guardians must remain in a designated viewing area or an area shown by a teacher throughout the lesson. Shoe covers must be worn.

• A responsible adult must always stay in the immediate vicinity of the pool building and be contactable during the lesson.

• Please ensure any siblings stay with you in the pool building, and do not enter or walk about any other part of the premises.

• Please do not bring children that are feeling unwell to the pool. If a child has had an illness causing vomiting or diarrhoea, they must have been completely free of any symptoms for at least 48 hours before joining us in the water.

• Please make yourself familiar with the emergency exits. Any alarms should be taken as ‘the real thing’ unless advised otherwise by our teachers in advance of the lesson.

• In an emergency evacuation teachers will assist all members to leave by the nearest exit. In such a case do not return to the changing rooms / areas, and once outside please don’t leave the premises until we can account for everyone and their safety.

Children Swimmers

• Remove your shoes as soon as you enter the pool building, and any jewellery before your lesson.

• If you are new, please explore the pool building with your parents, so you all know your way around.

• If you are 8 years or older (exclusions apply to those children who have special needs requiring their parent to help them change), you must use your own changing room. If you feel uncomfortable about this, let us or your parents know and we can try and help you. We also know it can be difficult if there is someone in your changing room who you think shouldn’t be there or makes you feel uncomfortable. Please let someone know straight away if this is the case and we can help you.

• Never run in the pool block, particularly on poolside where it can be very slippery and dangerous.

• Never, ever get in the water unless your teacher tells you to. Even if you are late joining your lesson, wait for your teacher to see you, and then tell you to get into the water.

• After your lesson go directly to the changing rooms / areas or agreed meeting point with your parent.

• Young swimmers, never ever leave the pool building without your own grown-up. If you lose your parent, return to the poolside and a teacher will help you.

Lane Swimmers

• Lane swimmers, please pay close attention to the direction you are asked to swim up and down in your lane i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise. If in doubt, do ask.

• Try and swim to the sides and not down the middle of the lane.

• Never over-take unless you can easily see it is clear ahead especially towards the end of the lane, as you may hit heads with another swimmer, or more dangerously, a swimmer who is tumble turning at the end of the lane.

• Remember to look behind you when pushing off on back-stroke that there is no-one in the way, or coming towards you.

Acceptable Swimwear

• All our swimmers should wear appropriate swimming costumes during lessons. Strictly no underwear is allowed to be worn in the pool due to hygiene reasons.

• Our non-toilet trained swimmers should wear a special swim nappy with swim pants over it. We recommend Huggies swim nappies (sold in all major supermarkets) and a “Happy Nappy”. A “Happy Nappy” is made of neoprene, the material used for making wetsuits, and should be worn over the Huggies nappy. This double layer of protection ensures that if a small child experiences a little “accident” in the pool, it will be contained and we will not have to cancel lessons for everyone else.

• We are happy to provide guidance and give advice about purchasing suitable and practical swimwear and accessories if required.

Trial Lessons, Re-booking, Credits and Refunds

• We can offer trial sessions to all our new customers. You will be required to pay our standard fee for your trial session(s), unless any special promotional discounts apply. Please refer to the Prices section on our website for further details. If you decide to commit to a course and/or to make a block booking following your trial session(s), the block booking cost will be recalculated to allow a deduction of the price difference between the standard fee and the block booking fee.

• Re-booking information will be emailed to you approximately 2-3 lessons before the end of your course / block , in order to secure places for the next course / block booking. At this point you will be asked to confirm your continuing participation in the lessons, and asked to pay the fees accordingly. If you fail to confirm your ongoing participation and/or to make the payment by the due date, your place will be offered to customers on our waiting list and may result in you losing your place.

• In the event a swimmer is unable to attend due to holiday or sickness – including the need to self-isolate for any reason, we are unable to offer refunds – as your booking holds your place for the full term.

• In the case of serious illness, such as hospitalisation or limb fracture, circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In exceptional circumstances lessons may be carried over to a later date/term. A valid doctor’s certificate will need to be presented.

• In exceptional circumstances only, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and at management discretion, a refund could be offered but there will be an administrative charge applied in the amount of £15 or 10% of the cost of the remaining block (whichever is greater).  

• In the event a session is disrupted or cancelled, 3S SWIM SCHOOL will endeavour to run an alternative session on another date. Where an alternative session date is offered, no alternative date or refund will be given.

• Lessons will be booked from the first available date. Students cannot choose to book with gaps or their own date of starting.

Private Lessons at Customer Venues

• For private lessons which are conducted at your chosen private pool, you must give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation in writing, otherwise the full lesson fee will become payable. This clause does not apply to any lessons booked at any of our venues.

• For private lessons which are conducted at your chosen private pool or at a pool run by other operators, you should arrange for an entry pass for a teacher and/or cover the entry ticket cost, if applicable.

Special Offers

• 50% off your first lesson offer is only valid when purchasing a block of minimum of 10 sessions. Offer available to new clients only.

Cancelled Lessons

• Where lessons are cancelled due to reasons outside of control of 3S SWIM SCHOOL, such as adverse weather conditions, power disruption, or pool closure in connection with disease control or similar, credits towards next term fees MAY be offered at the management discretion, but there will not be an obligation for the School to do so. Where credits are given, these will be valid for 6 months from the date of the cancellation and can only be used as part payment towards the next block booking, and cannot be used to pay for any individual sessions.

Mobile Phones and Photography

• By joining us for lessons, you agree to allow photography and video of lessons/children to be taken by Slava Feniov, or those given express permission to do so by him. You may withdraw this consent at any time by emailing Slava Feniov at [email protected]. Any pictures /images taken may be used on our social media and digital platforms. Such images will never give identifying details or names unless we have asked for and been given such permission.

• No photography, or use of mobile phones to take pictures or video is otherwise allowed anywhere in the pool block or in the changing rooms / areas. If you see anyone taking photos please let an instructor know.

Lost Property

• We cannot accept responsibility for any lost items, and we ask that you keep your valuables and personal belongings secure. If you lose any valuable items please inform your swimming instructor on the day and email us as soon as possible on: [email protected] 

• We will do our best to locate your missing items. Unfortunately any wet items cannot be kept due to Legionella risk.

Our Instructors / Teachers

• All 3S SWIM SCHOOL all instructors / teachers hold Swim England (ASA) or STA required certificates, NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) or other recognised water safety certificates. All our instructors / teachers are covered by 3S SWIM SCHOOL Public Liability Insurance.

• At 3S SWIM SCHOOL we will do our best to ensure you have the same instructor / teacher for the entire time you are learning with us. However this cannot be guaranteed and, in some rare instances, for example due to illness or family circumstances, we may have to find a cover teacher to ensure continuity of your learning. If this is the case we will ensure that the cover teacher is fully informed about every swimmer’s ability, any medical conditions or special needs to ensure a smooth handover and maximum progress.

Child Safeguarding

• If you or your child has any concerns regarding the welfare or safeguarding of a swimmer or other young or vulnerable person, please advise our designated Welfare Officer Slava Feniov. Any incidents or concerns will be taken seriously and in confidence.  

• Alternatively you can contact SWIMLINE in confidence on 0808 100 4001.

• Please refer to our Safeguarding Policy (available to download from our website) for details of how we work to ensure the welfare and safeguarding of all young and/or vulnerable persons involved with 3S SWIM SCHOOL.

Data Protection

• Your privacy is important to us and we will never release your personal details to any third party for any mailing or marketing purposes. Any details which we collect, hold or use will be done so in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and only for the safe and effective running of swimming lessons. Please refer to our Privacy Policy (available to download from our website) for full details of how we use and protect your information, and how you can withdraw consent for us to hold your data.

Amendments to Terms & Conditions

3S SWIM SCHOOL reserves the right to amend its Terms & Conditions and associated documentation at any time. Up-to-date Terms & Conditions are available on our website.