Why to book crash course

What are the benefits? 
Regular weekly swimming lessons are great! But a short course of few consecutive days can help a child progress much faster. As with all learning a certain amount is retained while some is lost between lessons and needs to be re-taught. Short relatively intensive courses can, therefore, show dramatic improvements. Not only is the swimmer doing 5 weeks’ worth of training in 1 weeks, but they retain the knowledge better and their muscle memory improves.
What about new swimmers?
A crash course of between 3 and 6 days is the ideal way to get new swimmers up and running and enjoying their lessons going forward. Often very young children need to have their parent in the water at first and this period is reduced dramatically when daily swimming takes place. The swimmer grows in confidence and competence every day and develops a grounding for the weekly lessons to build upon.
What about swimmers with low confidence or a fear of water?
Low confidence and fear of water are generally solved through familiarity. A swimmer gets used to being in the water and understands that they are not in any danger. Daily exposure to the pool greatly accelerates this process. We see this where swimmers miss their weekly lessons, often their fear returns, and we need to re-familiarise them. With daily lessons there is no time for this regression and most often the effect is longer lasting.
Can it help us progress to the next level?
Swimmers who are nearly ready for the next level of competence can be helped over the line by an intensive set of lessons. We have seen the effect many times where a swimmer has seemed to plateau in their abilities and a short intensive course gives them the stimulus to go to the next level.
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