Where parents should wait during the session?

It all depends on the venue and shape pool. For the first few lessons we ask parents to be near the shallow end with their children. After the children get used to the new place and new instructor, we ask parents to sit on pool side, but as far from the lesson as possible. It helps children focus on the lesson and their instructor rather than looking at the parents or showing them something. During the Toddlers/Babies classes one of the parents/guardians should be in the water with the child at all times. If you have 2 kids, then we will need a parent/guardian for each child in the water. Parents of children under 8 are required to stay on poolside for the duration of the lesson. Parents of children aged 8 to 10 can leave the poolside during the lessons as long as they ensure they bring the child to the teacher on poolside at the beginning of the lesson and collect them from the teacher on poolside at the end of the lesson. Children aged 11 and over can come to the pool on their own as long as the parent decides it is safe to do so.

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