Best Age to Start Swimming

There is of course no minimum age when a child should start swimming.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that although swimming lessons can start from 6 weeks, children are not ready for learning technique and strokes development until they are four years old.

There is evidence to show that learning to swim and water survival skills can help reduce drowning risk. Our specially formulated programme covers water safety in more depth than other swim schools.

Starting swimming as early as possible certainly helps children’s water confidence but due to how our bodies and coordination develops most children start to swim well at around 5 and a half.

Learning to swim is an essential life skill and one that you should make a commitment to teaching to your child. Plus, swimming is an excellent way to exercise and often becomes a lifetime sport, even as people age.

According to Swim England 1 in 4 children can’t swim 25metres when they leave primary school even though it is part of the curriculum.

Starting early makes your child safer and puts your mind at ease knowing that your child knows what to do when in the water. As we get older our brains start to develop fear this means that we are not as confident trying something new. Starting early helps us build confidence before that fear kicks in.

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