Why Take A Crash Course

Before answering why take a crash course let’s talk about what a crash course is. Our crash courses run during the school holidays. The idea of a crash course is that you come in for your lesson at the same time everyday during the week so in one week you would get 5 lessons. The crash courses are for young and old- it helps make rapid progress and maybe master a specific stroke. They are intense but fun!

The lessons are tailored to your personal goals.

Why do crash courses work so much better than weekly lessons. When you come in for lessons every day you get to build on what you learnt the day before without, and without a weeks break the recall is much better. Muscle memory works much better when lessons are daily.

Crash courses are perfect to give that extra boost. Maybe you’re due to go on holiday soon and you or your child are not confident in water, a crash course would be absolutely ideal to get you ready.

We have found that they help adults and children develop water confidence as well as developing skills and technique. And are just something fun to do daily to entertain your kids and have some sort of routine (which many of us lack during the school holidays).

Spaces fill up fast! If you are interested email us on [email protected]

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