Tricks to Stop Goggles Fogging Up

We all know how annoying it is when mid swim our goggles start to fog up.

When we swim or exercise our body temperature rises but the pool water stays the same temperature. The changes in temperature in water and us sweating causes goggles to fog up. Wetting your face and goggles in the pool water allowing your face and googles to start closer to the temperature of the water helps them not fog up.

Anti-fog solutions are available. Some have amazing reviews. I haven’t personally tried any so am not going to recommend a specific one.

Saliva, does sound horrible but it is amazing! It’s not only a natural option but also FREE! And works amazingly well for those with sensitive eyes. It works by adding a barrier to the lens which breaks the condensation into droplets that roll off of the lenses instead of creating fog.

You can use any kind of shampoo, baby shampoo is nicer on the eyes. Once again, you will be creating that barrier using the shampoo. Gently rub the shampoo into the lenses, leave to dry for 10 minutes and then rinse them out without touching the lenses.


Many goggles come with anti-fog built into the lenses. This is a great feature but much like anything else, it needs to be cared for correctly in order to preserve the anti-fog coating. This includes rinsing with fresh water and allowing them to dry after your swim. It’s also good practice to avoid placing your goggles onto your head between sets, this is due to trapping the water and sweat on your head into the goggle.

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