The Impact of Swimming on Confidence

Did you know swimming has many advantages including help build confidence. This confidence that you or your child achieve during lessons is then replicated in other parts of your life e.g. work or school. These are just some of the skills that are learnt unnoticed by us during lessons


A parent or a teacher can support you in learning to swim but it’s mostly on you. They are there almost as a cheerleader but that success is all yours.

Frequent success

Every lesson something small is achieved. This gives them a sense of achievement and instils confidence. It makes them feel good about the hard work and dedication they put in because it is an easily measurable achievement. They then want to replicate this in other parts of their life. Think about that first time your child achieves something in the pool, and the beaming smile of success on their face.


It encourages them to try new things. Swimming is all about learning new skills and slowly building up from doing doggy paddle to swimming confidently in front crawl in full lengths. Every time a lesson attended a slight change is made and your child is encouraged to try it.

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