Swimming Caps Are Not Designed to Keep Your Hair Dry!?

Ever wondered why even when wearing your swim hat your hair gets wet? Well the answer is a simple one, they’re not designed to keep your hair dry!

There is a number of reasons what swim hats are actually made for:

  1. Streamline- They help reduce drag allowing you to swim faster
  2. Hygiene- Without a swim hat lose hair can get in the pool and clog up the pool filter.
  3. Protects your hair- It still gets wet but it stops the hair saturating with chlorine.
  4. Visibility- It helps lifeguards and bystanders see you better.
  5. Just for fun! There are some great colours available.

We always have swim hats available on poolside in a variety of colours. If you’d like to purchase one just ask one of our friendly instructors.

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