How to get past a fear of swimming

Today’s post just a few tips to help get past a fear of swimming. A fear of water can happen to anyone at any age. It is easier to get over a fear of water in the pool than in a lake, river or sea so start there. In fact we have a programme especially designed for those with a few of water.

  • Go to a pool when it’s not busy (also why our lessons are ideal).
  • Invest in a good pair of goggles. Chlorine in your eyes can make it feel more stressful and it’s nice to see underwater.
  • Start in shallow water. Often a fear of water is due to a fear of drowning (which is perfectly understandable feeling.
  • Start by sitting on the edge of the pool and dangling your feet in the water, gently moving them around to get used to the feel of the water.
  • Sweep up water in your hands and put it on your face to get used to it.
  • Sweep up the water in your hands and hold your breath while applying it to your face.
  • Try blowing bubbles in the water.
  • Floating is key to water safety. Try laying on your back and holding onto the side of the pool with both hands. Then try holding on with just one hand. After practicing a couple of times, try floating independently. This will help you become more relaxed in the water.
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