Advantages Of Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Undivided attention from the instructor. The instructor is 100% focused on the students in the lesson and not trying to focus on a large group.

Special accommodations can be made. Do you or you child struggle to focus or struggle with some aspects of swimming. Having private lessons allows the instructor to get to know their students and tailor the lesson more to them.

Customisation. Everyone is different. The lessons will be taught at the students pace.

Better value for money. Private lessons may seem more expensive initially but often during group lessons the student isn’t swimming majority of the time (unless you’ve found a small groups). They get more attention from the instructor so you actually get a lot more attention.

There are less distractions and nobody around your child misbehaving.

Work on specific goals.

Private Swimming Lessons Near Me

Do you want you child to start swimming or improve your stroke/skills, we can offer that at 3s Swim School. Our qualified instructors teach swimmers of all ages and abilities and provide the support and technical knowledge to achieve your personal goals.

We also offer semi-private lessons, where your child can bring a friend or sibling. Having someone familiar can help them feel more comfortable and it gives them someone to compete against.

Contact us for more details.

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