What is that means 1-2-1 or 2-2-1?
1-2-1 Private session one-to-one with the instructor. One student on one instructor.

2-2-1 Semi-Private session, when two swimmers/students with one instructor. We can do a 2-2-1 class if you got someone similar level with you or if siblings want to have a lesson together.

Private 1-2-1 or a Group classes, what to choose and why?!
That’s the most common questions we are getting from our clients. And there is no only one way to reply on it. All people are different, learning and progressing in a different way with a different speed. So to have a personal approach and a 100% attention from the instructor we would recommend you to have a private session. The session will be adjusted to your needs. So if the swimmer is struggling with something, then it will be spent more time on one thing until it’s improved and then to move further. At the same time if you are improving much faster then the others in a group, then you will be slowed down as you still need to follow the same lesson plan with others.